Current projects

Resurrecting Jane Doe

Resurrecting Jane Doe (Comedy)

When a quirky mortician identifies a Jane Doe, he tells her family a tall tale about her to help them grieve and falls in love with her sister.
Things get complicated when he uncovers Jane’s real story – if he can’t keep it under wraps, it’ll break their hearts and end the only real relationship he’s ever had.

Male Order

Male Order (Romantic Comedy)

Marissa, a financial advisor, marries a Romanian mail order husband in order to win a promotion at her high powered finance firm, not knowing that he’s actually a struggling American actor searching for his first big break.

Guilty (Drama TV Pilot)

Assistant District Attorney Ellie Williams will stop at nothing to get a guilty verdict.

Free Lunch

Free Lunch (Drama Short Film)

An elderly woman feels invisible to everyone she encounters and decides to use it to her advantage.

Spec Scripts
I’ve written Spec TV Scripts for the following shows:
Comedy – Bored to Death, iCarly
Drama – Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Parenthood
Animation – Olivia